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“Oh, God, help me to believe the truth about myself
– no matter how beautiful it is!”

What to expect from workshops with Ilene Wolf

“Ilene is nothing short of amazing! She is a strong, bright and clear teacher and therapist who creates a lot of depth, safety, and connection in a very short period of time. Everyone in our group opened up, connected easily and experienced a great sense of joy in Ilene’s presence through her skilled facilitation. I highly recommend working with her.”

— Lorraine Platt, LMFT

“Ilene Wolf embodies all the qualities of a great therapist: compassion, excellent communication skills, and a unique ability to empower, guide and support her clients in discovering more peace, ease and freedom in their lives.”

— K.O.

“Ilene is an amazing therapist! She is very intuitive and is able to ask questions that get right to the heart of what the issue is. Her drama therapy workshops are soooooo worth it.”

— Glenna Rice

Ilene Wolf, LMFT, RDT


Ilene Wolf, LMFT, RDT

Ilene Wolf, MFT a licensed marriage and family therapist and relationship expert for more than 30 years, graduated from UC Berkeley and trained at Stanford University Advanced Applications of Cognitive Therapy (CBT)with David Burns, MD. Ilene teaches psychodrama and drama therapy and is the director of the Drama Therapy Institute.

Ilene has also trained and taught for both The Mental Research Institute (MRI) of Palo Alto in Brief Solution-focused Therapy and internationally for The Milton Erickson Institute (MHEBA) in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Guided Imagery. Ilene has been a guest lecturer at UC Berkeley.Ilene is the winner of the California Marriage and Family Therapists’ 2012 Education Foundation Award.


“ I am here for you. My joy is to reveal the 5 secrets of loving relationships, and to celebrate you as the courageous, amazing, loving person you uniquely are – come join us.”


“I have been honored to work with hundreds of women and men to develop their own authentic voice regardless of how difficult the situation.”


Ilene is a past vice president of the San Francisco Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT).

To learn more about Ilene’s psychotherapy practice or her teaching events please visit:

Milton H. Erickson Institute