“Romance lesson #1 – How to love and appreciate who you are.”

Dear Singles,

New love could very well find you and be yours – if you are willing to show up in a new, empowered way.
To be empowered is to be confidently yourself with a courage to be also vulnerable.

Do not wait until you are thinner, making more money or any other self-imposed condition that is stopping you.
Your life awaits… and wants to show up for you in new and spectacular ways!
Join us and find out how to meet it with a confident smile.


What the group will cover

The fun of skillful flirting

Overcoming fear of rejection

Overcoming anxiety and shyness

Having clarity and communicating clearly

Saying “no” when a “no” is the right answer

Self-compassion when things do not go as expected

Getting your needs met without compromising yourself

Unconditional self respect, sufficiency and self love

Strength in vulnerability and elegant self disclosure

Intimacy through body language & engaging conversation

Overcoming the fear of loneliness


Intimate group of 8-10

You will be welcomed in a friendly, respectful and non-judgmental environment that encourages self-expression and allows for vulnerability in safety and for confidential sharing.


Twice a month with a choice of a day and location

  • In San Francisco / Marina District on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings
  • In Marin / Mill Valley or San Rafael on Thursday evenings or Saturday mornings

$65 – $75 sliding scale / session

Discount 1 – Bring a friend & both receive 10% off

Discount 2 – Early Bird Discount paid in-full first class: get one class free

2 Scholarships available 


Commitment required

To ensure individual success and cohesiveness of the group, commitment to the 9 weeks of the course is required.


Initial interview for prospective participants will be held prior to the course.