Mindfulness Group

Letting Go of Sadness & Anger – 6 Week Group

Starting Spring 2024

Mindfulness Group

Letting Go of Sadness & Anger – 6 Week Group

Starting Spring 2024

Utilizing Meditation to Create Positive Self Reflection
to work with our seeming imperfections

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering what else is possible, or giving into negative thoughts, or just giving up on yourself in general, even in little ways, and just making-do with life?

What if you could celebrate your life right now?

This monthly group provides Long Term Solutions and a healing handbook beyond the principles of mindfulness and meditation, to reveal the secrets of how to show up, so we can hold ourselves in more loving ways. Opening the direct pathways to your heart to be bolder, and more receptive to love, to own your own unique awareness of what is right about you.

“It was an enlightening process…”

“I experienced the feeling of being seen and understood through the psychodrama techniques used. Ilene used a combination of techniques to get me focused and advocated for me as client while in the process. It was an enlightening process.”

– Patricia Wilson, MA, LMFT

Cultivating Self Awareness,
Clarity and Self Esteem

There is a lot of interest in having more peace inside, given how conflict seems to be increasing exponentially in our world.

I utilize mindfulness techniques given to me when I directly trained with Chogyum Trungpa Rinpoche, the one of the very first Buddhists to come to this country in the 1970’s and establish Naropa. Many Summers ago, when I was 17 years old, I left home to attend UC Berkeley, and spent the summer at the Buddhist Monastery.

How to care more about how you feel to open pathways to others – Galvanizing your own inherent resources to recognize and know deeply: Your life is your message.
We wake up each morning with the first thought, how can I be happy?
Thinking in more allowing ways, to be more accomplished and come out of the shadows, to build a life filled with lightness, clarity and integrity.
People are feeling powerless to do things as things become intense.
We are at a crossroads in history: I am asking how can we trust ourselves even more; or do you find yourself having given up on yourself and are just making-do?

In a group of like minded individuals, you will be reminded to recognize the basic fundamental goodness that makes you inherently worthwhile – always.

This is the fundamental principle and practice of Mindfulness and Buddhism.
How can we be present with what is actually happening to cultivate the strength to be more fully alive.

Profoundly simple, profoundly being in touch with basically who you uniquely are,
to build increased well-being.


One Saturday a month
San Francisco / Marina District

First or second Friday
Marin / Mill Valley or San Rafael


Sliding scale
$20 donation / session


Intimate group of 6

You will be welcomed in a friendly, respectful and safe environment that encourages self-expression and allows for vulnerability in safety and for confidential sharing.

Happiness is easier than you think.



Commitment required

To ensure individual success and cohesiveness of the group, commitment to the 9 weeks of the group meetings is required.


Initial interview for prospective participants will be held prior to the group forming.